1. Massachusetts prisoners placed in solitary confinement after meeting with state legislators about prison reform.
  2. Practicing medicine for the common good. I don’t think Rothbard is the answer, but this is important. “Care for the common good is a moral imperative, I agree, and resources must be used mindfully and as sparingly as possible.  But the common good is not an idealized concept that can be entrusted to bureaucrats.  The common good emerges when benevolent physicians help individual patients within the constraints of their legitimate resources.”
  3. Bookmarking for later: coercive citation in academic publishing.
  4. Bookmarking for later: dialysis for AKI.
  5. The Nathan Heller on activism and identity politics at Oberlin. Have read once. Need to read again and again. These are hard questions and Heller makes a good-faith attempt to understand them.